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Browsing for ideas

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For this project, I have tasked myself to create four potential designs suitable for surfboards. I have also been asked to come up with a logo for a surfboard shaper (named Pi), these will hopefully compliment each other and make the overall design more interesting to view. To plan out my time effectively, I created a Proposal to help execute my final designs more efficiently.

Below are some images I found on Google that have inspired my ideas for surfboard designs:

Below are some more images I found on Google, which have inspired my ideas for my Logo design:

I have also collected a lot more links and images regarding surfboard designs and further inspiration for my Logo design via my Pinterest.

To further my investigation, I came across some more inspirational websites to spark my creativity:    Lost Surfboards Art   |    Custom Designs   |    10 Surfboard artists

77 Surfboard Designs
This website was fantastic, not only did it list some interesting designs but it also gave an informative account on what media and techniques you could use to create your own custom design.

Surfboard Design Guide
This website was more fitting for the shaper to look at rather than for my design information. However, it was interesting to understand that background of how the surfboard is made.

Another consideration for my design could be to incorporate a shark repellent design to ward off any chance of shark attacks. This video is a helpful and quick tutorial of how to do this.



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Surfboard Design 1: Geometric (Galaxy)

I love these intricate shapes and patterns I think they would really stand out, especially if I paint a Galaxy in the background. This should also make the background really pop!

Surfboard Design 2: Illustrative Sea Life

I think the sea creatures images would be brilliant for an overall repeating design, either including illustrated creatures in a similar colour or silhouettes of these creatures. I also quite like the idea of a giant squid’s tentacles wrapping around the board.

Surfboard Design 3: Typography

I have always loved typography, so any excuse to incorporate it into a project will do. It’s something I’ve noticed isn’t overly common with surfboards and yet I feel it could be something that would work well and hopefully something surfers would like.
Below are some links for things I feel could be appropriate for the writing on the surfboards:

Motivational Quotes
Winston Churchill
Surfing Quotes
More Surfing Quotes

Music Lyrics
2015/16 Best Surfing Music
Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums

Surf Poems
Surfing Poetry

Surf Slang
Surf Terms

Surfboard Design 4: Amalgamation / Abstract
To leave things open, my fourth and final idea can incorporate my favourite ideas thus far, maybe even crossing my ideas over, such as creating an abstract geometric galaxy or even a geometric collection of sea life animals etc. This will give me creative freedom to where ever I feel would give me the best designs I can make at this point in time.

Logo Design: Pi

The above images have helped to give me a background insight to what kind of things I could produce using the word / symbol Pi. This will be a great help to create my Logo design. 



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Below is a list of helpful websites that list important tips and techniques that will be useful to me when I customise my own surfboard:

How to customise your surfboard
Custom Surfboard Design
Best Materials to use on your board
Tips for painting an old surfboard
Shape 3D
Surfboard art inspiration – painting the Saucy Knave
How to re-paint your surfboard
Paint Surfboards

Below are a few videos that show what media to use on a surfboard that will last, it also shows you how to do it in a highly effective way:

I also found some interesting tutorials that will help me when I want to create my Logo design:

Photoshop Tutorial Logo Design
How to make a logo

There were also a few websites that offered to create a design for you, these were interesting to look at but I wont pursue this option as it wont offer what I want for my client:

Free Logo Design | Free Logo Design

Further helpful youtube tutorials:

If I wished to create my design digitally, I could get my image(s) printed directly onto fibreglass (to suit the surfboard), the following websites provide such a service, this would be really good for the future:
Board Lams | Rice Paper / Fiberglass Prints



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Faye Halliday

I love Halliday’s beautiful linework, so smooth and perfect. This makes her geometrically pleasing animals and other illustrations really stand out. They are fantastic! I would love to try and recreate something as perfectly designed as these.

Drew Brophy

Brophy’s designs are lovely and vibrant. These are designs that would stand out on a nice summer’s day. I love the colours and the themes – usually deriving from sea related scenarios. I will need to consider my choice of colour as carefully and effectively like Brophy.

Fieldey Art

Fieldy’s fantastic designs are something you’d find in a tattoo parlour. Absolutely beautiful and crazy accurate, Fieldy’s designs are not only superb to look at but also completely unique and handcrafted – something anyone would love to have. She also gives fantastic and helpful youtube tutorials regarding customising your board (something I will definitely need to follow when crafting my own design).

Wade Koniakowsky

I love how Koniakowsky has detailed illustrations but portrayed them in an interesting and eye-catching patchwork design. All of these patchwork designs compliment and create an overall pleasing image. This style of amalgamating a group of ideas would be interesting to try out and test for myself.

Jay Alders

Jay Alders has a really unique way of portraying his illustrated characters, a signature style if you will. I love how he has crossed over different sports onto different boards, e.g. how he has drawn someone surfing on a skateboard instead. I also really like the way he has included intricate patterns in some of his designs, I think this is really effective and would love to try it out.

Bob Langston

Langston’s beautiful bulging characters are lovely and bold, with vibrant colours and a quirky features. It is easy to see why people would ask him to design their surfboards as they are so vibrant and interesting to look at. I especially like the crazy looking fish designs.


Documentation of working process

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Unfortunately I have misplaced my images of my starting point with the board. To begin with the board would have looked like this (but a bit more battered and yellowing due to age)

Therefore I began the process by taping over the logo designs so I wouldn’t disturb or distort them (I also taped over any damaged areas that will need to be altered in the future).

Next I began to paint the board, I used white acrylic gesso, therefore the board needed several coats of paint before I could put my design onto it. This took several days to do as I needed each layer of paint to dry before adding a new one or it would render each layer useless and would wipe off easilly. When I had finally put enough coats of paint on the board it was then I realised I wouldn’t have enough time to produce my presentation boards as due to the amount of time the paint took to dry I would still be working past deadline if I spread my attention elsewhere.

Next I sketched out my final design in pencil, this proved to be a very silly idea as the pencil wouldn’t rub off the gesso so I had to repaint any areas of pencil that wouldn’t erase again. This brings me to the following images:

Above you can see the progress of my design, I began with using posca pens to outline everything and realised I wanted more detail on my tentacles so I went over them with acrylic paint. It took a very long time to do, as some of it became quite intricately detailled and I had to go back in to alter each tentacle to ensure the design matched throughout.

Above is my final design, I am so pleased with it, I feel it came out exactly as I had imagined. I would love to customise more boards in the future, and now I know the process I now know what media works the best (acrylic) and things to watch out for (pencil marks). I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and would love to paint future projects on this scale as it was immensely fun to do.

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