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In response to the Personal Obsessions Brief, I created a Proposal to mark out a specific plan for this project. Before I made this proposal I researched the following to arrive at my conclusion:

Dictionary Definition
Psychology Today

Obsessions and Compulsions


Weirdest Collections
T-shirt Collector

Other people’s obsessions:
Woman Craves Brick
People who have married inanimate objects
Real Life Vampirism

My ‘Personal Obsessions’:


As an avid reader since a very young age, and a former Bookseller, I have a huge collection of books to read. My favourites include; (Teen) ‘Looking for Alaska’ by ‘John Green’, ‘Eragon’ by Christopher Paolini, ‘Wicca Series’ by Cate Tiernan. (Fiction) ‘Sophie’s World’ by Jostein Gaarder, ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Haruki Murakami, ‘The Colour Purple’ by Alice Walker. (Crime) ‘Dexter Series’ by Jeff Lindsay, ‘The Axe Man’s Jazz’ by Ray Celestin, ‘Comoran Strike Series’ by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling). (Graphic Novels) ‘My Friend Dahmer’ by Derf Backderf, ‘The Walking Dead’ by Robert Kirkman (Non-Fiction) Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre and much more…


As a lover of stories, it’s only natural for me to enjoy films and TV programmes too. My favourite TV series’ include: Supernatural, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Bones, American Horror Story, Westworld, The Walking Dead, Preacher, Nashville e.t.c…


For films a few of my favourites are: V for Vendetta, Stardust, Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy.


I also have a more unusual obsession, that stemmed from a lack of travel at a young age. A lot of things added up to my ‘obsession’ for Finland, I liked a lot of their music, such as The Rasmus, HIM and Haloo Helsinki and other things like reading / watching the Moomins when I was younger. It is still a place I’d love to visit, I even started to learn the language.


Another hobby of mine is playing the drums, unfortunately since starting university, I haven’t really played them as I feel guilty playing when I should be working (same for reading). However, the drums still highly inspire me and I love watching skilled drummers like Abe Cunningham (Deftones) and Buddy Rich play. It was also a joy to watch the film ‘Whiplash’.


Finally I have an obsession with stationery, ask my friends or family, stationery has always been something I’ve loved. It’s even got to the point where I have even had to self ban myself from retailers like Paperchase, just so I can save myself from spending ridiculous amounts of money.

After looking at all of the above, I found I was more interested in pursuing my own ‘Personal Obsessions’. I feel strongly about them all, but at the time, I was still very much obsessed with TV programme’s like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. These stick at the top of my mind as some of the best shows I’ve watched. My initial intentions for this project are to produce four or five images relating to television characters I am personally obsessed about. My initial intentions for this project are to produce four images relating to four different characters. These will be characters both past and current within the show that has inspired or affected me, in one way or another.

‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

Danaerys, Margaery ,Yara, Cercei, Arya, Sansa, Brienne, Catelyn.

‘Bones’ Characters

Angela, Bones, Cam, Daisy.

‘The Walking Dead’ Characters

Carol, Maggie, Michonne, Beth, Deanna, Sasha.

As you may have noticed I have only chosen the female characters from these shows, which is not to say that the male characters do not inspire me, just that it is rare to find a strong female role model in TV, let alone several. My intended outcomes are to possibly advertise the TV program or tailor made for my end of year exhibition, something I would be happy to show people.



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In an overview of my Proposal, I list that my final idea will based on ‘Game of Thrones’ characters, more specifically the female role models of past and present in the show. Below are some links I found interesting relating to Game of Thrones:

Badass Ladies Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones fulfilled its dark feminist promise
10 George RR Martin Illustrations
Women of Westeros
GOT Inspired by History
Tv Series vs Books
80’s/90’s GOT Characters
Official Game of Thrones Website

Chosen Characters

I found that Game of Thrones had it’s own information page for everything Game of Thrones related, I have gathered each page for each character I am going to draw. This is so that if I need to, I can go back and look at more information on them to inspire further ideas:

Daenerys Targaryen
Yara Greyjoy
Cersei Lannister
Margaery Tyrell
Sansa Stark

Below are the house banners relating to each character, these are a prominent feature in the show / books:

I really like the idea of putting my designs onto t-shirts, I feel this is an appropriate response to the brief as when I’m obsessed about a TV show I usually end up getting a t-shirt. Here is a website that shows other merchandising items I could consider: Awesome Merchandise.



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As I really liked my initial drawing in prismacolours, I thought this would be an interesting media to push further, the links and video below gave me some ideas of how to enhance my drawings:

Prismacolour Tips & Advice
How to blend prismacolours


When I began this project, I wanted to gain an insight into what kinds of things I could do in this style, here are some websites I looked at:

Pop Art
Pop-art Portrait Lessons
Pop-art History


I’ve used this process for a few of my previous projects, so I am quite familiar with it, but I had a look at the following points to refresh my memory:

What is screen printing?
How to make a screenprint
History of screenprinting

Silkscreen t-shirts

As I wanted my designs to be put onto t-shirts I thought screenprinting onto them would be fun to try. As I’ve had a lot of practice with screenprinting I thought this would be fun to try out printing onto a new material and thinking about the difference between printing onto paper and printing onto fabrics.

Monster Press Silkscreen T-shirts
Simple guide to screen printing your own shirts
Waterbased Inks for Silkscreen T-shirts


As I had changed my piece to be more simplistic for the screen printing process, to allow for more time to fully complete my t-shirts, I found I needed a much more simplistic design. I had found silhouettes fun to do in the past so I thought this would be a fitting approach. Below are some refreshers to tips on drawing silhouettes:

Silhouette drawing lesson
How to draw a silhouette
Saul Bass Inspired




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Mike Wrobel

I love Wrobel’s colourful and fantastic illustrations, these are probably the biggest inspiration I had for this project. I would love to one day have illustrations as good as these. I love how he has used the characters and fitted them into an entirely different era – fantastic!

Anna Schillings

Anna Schillings is another inspiration for me in this project, I love her character designs, their in her own unique style, yet you can still clearly see who each character is. I love this type of illustration, I would love to have my own unique style like this and still have my images easily recognisable.

Mat Roff

Mat Roff’s graphic novel-eque illustration is the exact style I would love to adopt for my designs. I love how clean his lines are and effective his drawings are to portray each character. I would love to be able to draw this well.


John Snow Video
Danaerys Video
Salt GOT Characters

Dinotomic’s fantastic illustrations are a constant inspiration to me, always leaving me seething with jealousy. I love his work and that’s why I wanted to try out drawing in a negative style from his highly effective salt drawings. This is something I need a lot more practice with as my drawings are very poor in this style.

Miss Led

I love Miss Led’s fantastic portrait illustrations, her images looks so effortless and elegant. Her drawings are another envy of mine, these are exactly the style I would love to try and replicate one day, very beautiful.

Peony Yip (The White Deer)

Peony Yip’s fantastic illustrations are truly an inspiration. Her fantastic drawings of people entwined with animals could be an interesting way to illustrate my idea for a double image, by using overlays. For example, if I were to overlay the character Sansa with a wolf, I would like to try it in this style to see if it’s something that works well.



Documentation of working process

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My first image stemmed from a rough sketch in my sketchbook, this was a more colourful approach than what I’m used to. I really liked this and wanted to pursue it, unfortunately I found that it would be a very time consuming process if I were to keep all of the colours in my image if I wanted to screen print my design. I thought about getting transfers instead of screen-printing but I knew it wouldn’t look as smooth or effective. I worked the most on this character as I wanted all of my images to have a similar style, therefore I knew I had to get one image right before working on the others. This paid off because I found that once I had progressed with this idea if was very easy to transfer my style throughout.


This is the character I worked on most after Danaerys. I spent a lot of time working in illustrator on this character only to find it was much too detailed and had too many colours in still. I found refining my image down to just one colour very difficult. This was made much easier when I figured out my silhouette idea.


Again I worked hard on creating another ‘pop-art’ styled image, but I found I couldn’t get it as clean as my image for Danaerys. This was made much easier by turning it into a silhouette, the process became very quick and I really enjoyed making this image.


I had a lot of difficultly drawing this character and I’m not sure why. I tested out a completely new style to see if it would work well but despite liking my image, I found you couldn’t tell what character it was as my own style needs much more progression. Therefore I tried out drawing a lot of eyes and lips to help me:

I was happy with these but none of them felt like my own, so I was very relieved when I did a silhouette of this image as I knew it would work much better.


This is probably the image I worked the least on but am the most happy with. I have always liked drawing octopi and squids so I felt this was a really strong image as it linked to Yara’s house symbol. I think overall my designs work well and fit the printing process I have chosen and I think they will make interesting t-shirts.

Above is the process of printing my t-shirts, I’m really pleased with the results and really glad I tested out screenprinting onto t-shirts, this is a process I will love to try again in the future.

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