Professional Practice Folder

For this project I am supposed to create a file/folder collecting research and information that will be an invaluable tool for my future illustration career. This will include anything that may aid my career opportunities in the future. Each aspect has been researched and split into the following categories:

Postgraduate Courses
Agents and Agencies
Self Promotion
Competitions, festivals and exhibitions
Career Action Plan
Job Opportunities / Interviews
Work Experience
Illustration Markets
Online Portfolio
Short Courses
Personal Projects

As the majority of my research has been filed and physically printed into my folder, this blog is a much smaller post than my usual research blogs. I have included further research on here into creating my own business. I have also included other aspects like videos that can’t be placed into a folder.

Wedding Invitation Business:

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Self Promotion for Invitations & Stationery
Starting Wedding Stationery Business
Start your own Wedding Invitation Business
UK Business Forums – Wedding Invitations
Start an invitation printing business
10 lessons for invite designers

Artist’s Advice:

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Fran Meneses

The above is just one of hundreds of videos ‘Frannerd’ has created that includes incredible tips and advice for becoming a freelance illustrator. I love her videos, as it showcases her illustrations beautifully, and her sense of humour too!

Holly Exley

Exley is another illustrator/ youtuber, with fnatastic tips and advice on being an illustrator. I love Exley’s work so seeing her process directly is a fantastic source of inspiration and informative too.


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For this project we have been tasked to give a presentation that outlines the findings of my professional practice portfolio, as well as my overall career action plan. I have considered how I can best communicate my findings whether it is an animation, an illustrated sequence or a regular powerpoint presentation. I felt an illustrated sequence or an animation would subtract from my focus from other projects and therefore decided my best approach would be to create a powerpoint presentation. I had a look at the following websites to help inform that this was the best decision:

Effective powerpoint presentations
Inspiring presentation tips
10 Secrets to make presentations fun and engaging
7 Ideas to take your presentations up a notch
5 Fresh Presentation Alternatives
10 Presentation Techniques
19 Free Online Presentation Tools

These websites were very helpful outlining many tips for giving presentations and deciding what software I could use for my discussion. I had a few ideas, but I had my heart set on creating one large image that I could zoom in and out from when discussing each point. This could be done through creating an image in illustrator and exporting it as an Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) file. Below are some websites that would host such an image / some tips around using them:

SVG Host Github
Image Host SVG acceptable

After creating my large image and practicing my presentation, I found it was very disorientating to watch zooming in and out of each point. I also found it became difficult to find each next section I needed to discuss. Therefore I decided to screenshot each talking point and place it into powerpoint.

You can find a PDF version of my presentation here


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Most of my research for our actual end of year show can be found here. However below is some additional information I found that can be useful for this project below:

How to plan an exhibition
How to organise an exhibition
10 tips for organising an exhibition

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