Batsford Prize for Illustration 2017 (Nature)

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Batsford Prize
How to enter
2016 winners
2017 winners IMAGES????



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Nature & Us
Humans Nature Right Relationship[
Marxist Perspective
National Geographic
2/3’s of the world animals will be lost by 2020

It’s not pollution that’s the problem.
It’s not waste that’s the problem.
It’s not climate change that’s the problem.
It’s not global warming that’s the problem.
It’s not polar ice caps melting that’s the problem.
It’s not deforestation that’s the problem.
These are symptoms of a bigger issue.
It’s the way we think, the way we live today.
If your sick, you go to a doctor. If there’s a problem you find a solution.
We only have one planet.
We all live on the same one.
We all have a common interest. This is our home and we are burning it down.
we have a solution – stop pollution
be nice, save the ice
stop is the only way, for the humans to stay
it will mean disaster if the temperature rises faster
think green if you know what i mean
when the earth gets hot, we will go cold

be part of the solution, not part of the pollution
wind, water, sun: renewable energy for the long run
if not now, when? save the earth before it ends
litter makes the planet bitter
image of bear – i’m bear-y good at recycling
image of horse – no horsing around, save the earth
image of dog – the future is going to be ruff
big and small, lets save them all Save the Humans: Los Angeles Here’s what will happen this century if we don’t do anything about climate change

What the World Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted Climate Change: What Happens after 2100?
This Is What Earth Will Look Like in 100 Years
If we’re lucky.
World’s coral reefs could disintegrate by 2100 four horsemen apocalypse



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Lasercut / Papercut
Watercolour & Outlines





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Svabhu Kohli

Eloise Renouf

Alfred Basha

Clare Curtis

Eiko Ojala

Marcel George



Documentation of working process

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