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The idea behind this self initiated project is to take the first step into investigating how to set up my own wedding stationery business post-university. To begin I would like to set realistic and achievable goals I can achieve for this project, therefore this will just be the foundations that I will build on once I have completed my degree.

To begin I will look at other websites that already do this to see how they have set up and what kind of things they offer, I have listed my favourites under the Practitioners section.

Norma & Dorothy
Strawberry Sorbet
Paperchain Wedding Stationery Eco Wedding Stationery
Not on the High Street
Etsy This would be a good place to start hosting my work onto
Rustic Wedding Invitations
The Card Gallery
Tree of Hearts

The above websites are vastly different in what they offer, in terms of style and quality. This has shown me that it would be ideal if I created a broad range of styles to choose from for instance: eco friendly, rustic, calligraphy inspired, modern, traditional etc.

To continue my search, I have also looked at some advice people have posted online to see how to set up a wedding stationery business:

Starting a Handmade Wedding Stationery Business

The above website offers tips such as:

  • Creating a professional portfolio – you need a great portfolio to share your designs with publishers and potential clients
  • Wedding industry networking online – a great list of wedding industry influencers on Twitter, get networking!
  • Wedding Fairs – top tips for making them work for your handmade stationery business!
  • Pricing wedding stationery packages – perhaps the hardest part of selling your stationery is getting the prices right, some great tips here
  • Surviving the first year of a wedding stationery business – tips from successful stationer Lisa Forde
  • Where to begin starting a wedding stationery business – more great tips from Lisa Forde
  • Should I turn my hobby into a business? – can you really turn a fun hobby into a full time job?
  • How to set up a business

    Setting Up a Business –



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     Business Plan For the Future

    Business Plans

    Minimum x3 Ranges of wedding Stationery


    Wedding Stationery Checklist

    Before the Wedding

    Engagement Party Invitations (Optional)
    Be My Bridesmaid Cards (Optional)
    Hen Party Invitations (Optional)

    Save The Date Cards (Optional)
    Save the Date cards are perfect for couples who need to give their guests advance notice of the wedding, particularly useful if you are getting married abroad or are inviting guests from abroad so they may begin to make travel plans.

    Wedding Invitation Set

    Wedding Invitations
    Invitations are the most important piece of your wedding stationery. They invite your guests to your wedding ceremony and the following reception and inform them of the date, time etc.
    RSVP Cards (Wedding Acceptance/Wedding Regret/Response Cards)

    Direction Information (Maps & Accommodation Information)
    Maps and direction information is useful to help out of town guests with the location of your church/ceremony venue and reception venue. Accommodation information contains contact details and web references for local hotels or B&B’s for guests who may require it.

    Evening Invitations/ Afters Invites

    Wedding Events Itinerary Insert (Optional)
    This card lets the guests know if there are other activities planned prior to or following the wedding ceremony and reception, such as a welcome party, a dinner the night before, or a second day bbq. Particularly useful for a 2 or 3 day wedding, or if the wedding location is far from home/abroad.

    Wedding Day

    Order of Service/Ceremony Booklet
    The order of service/ceremony booklet is used for the wedding service and contains the names of the bridal party, name of the officiant, the plan and songs, music etc. These differ greatly between various religions and can also be used for civil ceremonies.
    Additional information could be added to make the program more personal to the day such as quotes or poems, bios of the bridal party, “in memory of” tributes to loved ones who have passed on, or a thank you to the parents and guests.

    The Wedding Program/Reception Programme (Optional)
    This informs guests of how the evening/reception will unfold from the meal to the speeches that will be made, the cutting of the cake and the first dance. At Irish weddings this isn’t very usual, but sometimes is written as a blackboard sign. Helpful if you have lots of things planned, or a venue with many rooms.

    Seating Plan/Table Plan
    Seating or table plans are on display at entrance of the reception area and show your guests a plan of the table layouts so they can easily find their seat. These can correspond with the place cards or escort cards and the table numbers (names).

    Place cards
    Place cards are placed at the seat of each guest and inform him or her where to sit. These can form part of a favour left for each guest.

    Escort Cards (Optional)
    The same idea as placecards, escort cards are more usual in the US, but allow more creativity than placecards so are starting to be seen at Irish weddings. They are used to assign each guest to their seat at the wedding reception. This can correspond with the table/seating plan.

    Table Numbers/Table Names
    Placed on each table, table numbers or names are used to identify the table to your guests, so that when they pick up their escort card, they can immediately recognize the table card that matches it.

    The Menu Card informs the guests of the meal ahead. It can contain the food options or the set menu and choices for those with dietary restrictions. They are not essential for a buffet or if you are having a relatively short wedding reception with appetisers.


    Wishing Tree Tags
    Wedding Guest Book
    Wedding Favour Tags
    Sweet Buffet Tags/Labels
    Signage ( this can indicate buffet choices, drinks choices, men’s and ladies’ rooms -basically any spot you can think to customize)
    Thumbprint tree

    Wedding Stationery for After the Wedding

    Thank You Cards
    Thank you cards are sent to your guests shortly after the wedding, thanking them for their gift and for attending your wedding. Thank you cards are also used to thank bridesmaids, flowergirls and the host of your hen party.

    Wedding Announcements
    To announce the couples marriage to family and friends if couple have a small intimate ceremony or elope.

    Change of Address Cards (Optional)
    Change of address cards can be useful if the bride or groom has changed their residence following the wedding.

    Wedding Invites Guide

    Before the Wedding

    Engagement party invitation
    Save-the-date card

    Bridal shower invitation
    Bridal shower thank-you cards
    Bachelor/bacherlorette party invitation
    Rehearsal dinner invitation
    Welcome dinner invitation

    The Wedding Invitation

    Outer envelope
    Inner envelope
    Belly band
    Invitation card
    Reception card (if held at a different location than the ceremony)
    Directions/map card

    Response card and self-addressed stamped envelope
    Hotel accommodations card
    At the Wedding

    Welcome basket tag

    Ceremony program
    Pew cards or “reserved” seating cards
    Escort cards

    Place cards
    Table number cards
    Menu cards

    Favor tags
    After the Wedding

    Thank-you cards

    Place name cards
    Seating Plans
    Favour Boxes / Stickers for jars
    Cake Boxes / Bags
    Monogramed napkins
    Napkin Rings
    Drink Mats
    Pre-Printed Ribbon
    Bottle Labels

    Save the date:
    4-6 months before wedding (Save the date cards aren’t necessary for evening guests)
    6-8 months before wedding (if abroad or during summer / christmas holidays)

    2-3 months before wedding
    3-4 months before wedding if abroad or during summer / christmas holidays
    Send Day and Eve at the same time
    Accommodation recs
    Plus one rules
    Dress Code
    Link to Bride and Groom’s Website
    Gift List
    RSVP Cards

    Reception Card: (If wedding is in a different place)

    Business Pack

    Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Stationery



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    Hummingbird Cards



    Documentation of working process

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    Wedding Stationery Set 1:

    Wedding Stationery Set 2:

    Wedding Stationery Set 3:

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