San Diego Latino Film Festival

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Browsing for ideas

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For this project we have been tasked to enter the poster design competition for the San Diego Latino Film Festival. So to gain an insight into what I’m designing, below are some links relating to the festival:

SDLFF   |    About SDLFF   |    Submission Link | Top 10 Finalists for 2016

Below is some pictures of previous entries for the San Diego Latino Film Festival poster design, along with other film festival posters to gain further ideas:

Here are some more helpful links to give my ideas generation more diversity and inspiring takes on the Festival:

Latino Countries
Latino & Hispanic Diversity
Latino Celebrations
Latino Heritage
Top 25 Latino American Movies
10 Must See Latino Films
Cultural values of Latin Americans
Latin American Culture
Latino Arts
Latino Art Museum
Most influential Latino Artists
Top 100 Latin American Directors
Top 200 Latin American Films
Best Latino Artists
Top Latin Artists

Please find some more images I have gathered relating to Latino art, films and music on my Pinterest.



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I have several different ideas relating to how I will approach this brief, below are some images that have helped fuel my ideas:

40 Floral Typography Designs that Combine Flowers & Text

Rose Crowns:



Film Roll / Reels:



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Below are some helpful tips and advice I looked at when considering my image. Such as font placement / font choice, layout, and much more:
25 Ways To Design an Awesome Poster and Create a Buzz For Your Next Event
How to design a poster: 10 pro tips
15 evocative examples of retro poster design

As I was quite keen to use watercolours for my background, I thought I should look at some useful tips for different watercolour textures and techniques:
10 Watercolor Texture Techniques

As I felt digital would render the best and most professional looking results, I thought I’d look at a few tutorials that show how to create interesting poster designs in illustrator:

I would also quite like to try to create my own font, therefore I looked at the ways in which you can do this:
How to Create a Font



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Rob Ryan

I love Rob Ryan’s intricate designs, they are simple, yet beautiful and highly appealing to look at. I really like the idea of including a papercut element to my final image, if not an actual piece, then perhaps just the inclusion of a border.

Daniel Shubin

Who better to look at than an artist who has come runner up for the competition in the past. I really love the quirky characters Shubin has created, his images are full of intrigue and double meanings. I love how simple he makes it look, I would love to one day draw half as well as he does.

Kolja van Boekel

Another runner up for the San Diego Latino film festival poster design 2016. I really love how clean and smooth his designs are with carefully thought fonts. I’d really like the fonts I use to be as effective as Boekel’s.

Mateusz Machalski

I came across Machalski’s work when searching for graphic designers that use interesting typography. I have always had a fondness for typography and I feel Machalski’s work is truly inspirational. I would love to use his work to influence my final piece.

Georgina Luck

Georgina Luck’s blotchy watercolour illustrations are stunning, from lettering to portraits, they deliver a much more interesting perspective on her beautiful images. This technique is something I’d love to try out on my own images.

Alit Suarnegara

Alit Suarnegara has become a favourite of mine for anything font wise. I have used his font ‘Bromello’ for several past projects and I still love it now (I love it so much, It just so happens to be the font I have put my name at the top of this page in). I love the images Suarnegara uses to display his type, very beautiful and scenic, showing off his typefaces in a perfect way. I will either use his fonts for this project (if free to use for commercial / personal use) or use them as a basis for inspiration.  


Documentation of working process

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After working out my rough designs in my sketchbook, I knew exactly how I wanted my poster design to look. After playing with watercolours to create interesting backgrounds, I felt I had the right colours for my piece. I found working in Photoshop and Illustrator for this piece proved highly beneficial and helped me to create a poster, I feel, would be a suitable piece for the competition.

Final Pieces: (With / Without Text)

I’m really pleased with my final designs, however, I do feel that my colours should have been much more vibrant, especially after looking at this year’s winner of the competition. It will be something I will consider better for future competitions.

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